Podenstein’s Lab Episode 008: The Shocking Shakedown on Earthquake Madness

In Episode 008, there’s a whole lot of shaking going on as the news team takes a deep dive into Earthquakes in the USA. First, find out about the big Missouri monster that rang bells in Boston. Next, get a happy thought with a possible future catastrophes stateside that could kill a lot- or everybody. […]

Podenstein’s Lab Ep 007: Breaking Out in Break Outs- Prisons, Persons, and Places

You might be innocent, but Podenstein’s Lab is guilty of taking you behind bars in Episode 007. From the lingering mystery of what happened to the real “Escape from Alcatraz” trio, to truly amazing break-outs both artistic and yogatastic, to some truly crazy calabooses across the world. Plus real headlines that are real bizarre. What […]

Podenstein’s Lab Episode 006: A Trio of True Tales from the Decapitation Nation!

The Podenstein’s Lab news team loses their heads! At least, in the news they bring you in this episode. Mark L. Groves introduces the man behind “laughing your head off”- literally; Shelby Dollar discusses the science of slugs that love a good auto-decapitation; and J.E. Petersen revisits a Colorado chicken who takes a chopping- and […]

Podenstein’s Lab 005: Museum of Puketastic Potables, The Real Deal Behind Virginia’s Notorious “Bunny Man,” and Giving Birth to Bunny Bits in 1726

Episode 5 of Podenstein’s Lab takes you to Sweden’s Disgusting Food Museum for news on their barfy booze; goes behind the scenes for the hatchet/axe wielding, fuzzy suited, sorta’ true Bunny Man Legend; and goes back in time to find out why a woman in England was busy birthing bunny bits, among other animal chunks.

Podenstein’s Lab 004: Alone Again…Unnaturally, Worm Balls Make for Good Future Tech, and Weird Places for Crawl Spaces

https://anchor.fm/podensteinslab/embed/episodes/Podensteins-Lab-004-Alone-Again–Unnaturally–Worm-Balls-Make-for-Good-Future-Tech–and-Weird-Places-for-Crawl-Spaces-erq4ah In Episode 4 of the Podenstein’s Lab newscast, Mark L. Groves talks about quarantining alone- and how you may NOT be alone; Shelby Dollar takes us on a nature tour of gross, wriggling worm balls, and how high tech is working on mimicking them; and J.E. wraps up our deep dives with true stories […]

Episode 003: Killer Chess Moves, Lipid Gold From the Greased and Deceased, and 1983’s Apocalypse (Almost) Now

It’s full news day in Episode 3 of Podenstein’s Lab.  Shelby Dollar discovers a chess player slayer on the Soviet side; Mark L. Groves chews the fat on two historical French facts of putrescent power; and J.E. Petersen makes you self-aware about world’s almost-real Judgement Day in 1983.  Plus the top three headlines from the […]

Episode 002: A Bloodthirsty Banana on the Dating Game, Opening Email from Your Spinach, and Celebrating a Century Since They Disappeared.

In Episode 2 of Podenstein’s Lab, your intrepid, insipid journaleasts  bring you stories about how A 70’s Babe Dodged a Date with Death on the Dating Game; Bomb Sniffing Spinach Sending Email: and the 100th Anniversary of Finding the Cat- But Where’s the Crew? J.E., Shelby, and Mark dig these up from the digital trough, […]

Episode 001: Shaggy’s Sad Ending, Mo Mummies, and Repurposing Bambi’s Booty

HEADLINES Woman ruled dead in 2017 fights to be declared alive In France, if the butter and cheese don’t kill ya, being sued by an employee in court can- even if you’re still alive. Why some people believe they can hear the dead, according to scientists Where we find out clairaudient spiritualist mediums do it […]

And so, we begin again!

Podenstein’s Lab returns from a self-instituted exile. Starting in 2018, we loved talking about cool, weird things. We loved interviewing people who wrote about/photographed/experienced cool, weird things. From mass-murderers in 1820’s Edinburgh, to cannibal animals, to decorated corpses, to why sex-in-space is not so hot for lift off, we ran the gamut. What fun! We […]