Podenstein’s Lab Episode 012: How’s It Hanging? Executions, Et Al

So this was the hardest Podenstein’s Lab they’ve done yet. Mass murderers who sold the bodies to science? Sure. Gross infections? You bet. All the horrible stuff that can happen to you in space? Call it done. But hangings and executions go to some really, really dark places. J.E. Petersen, Shelby Dollar, and Mark L. Groves do their best with humanity’s worst, and present it here, in Episode 11. Plus real headlines that are real weird (basement full of bowling balls, anyone?). Get the news you can use freak out your friends, right now, in Podenstein’s Lab.



The Gun That Killed Billy The Kid Is Going Up For Auction. Starting Bid: $2 Million

No-sex beds at Tokyo Olympics debunked by Irish gymnast


Methamphetamine in waterways may be turning trout into addicts


Man says he’s found 160 bowling balls under his Michigan home


Behold! The Anus: An Evolutionary Marvel


Macaroni & cheese-flavored ice cream debuts


Mark L. Groves

So, hangings and lynchings have been a thing for a long time.  Lots of them.  But when it comes to lots of them all at once, that’s a different, and harder, event to uncover, even on the interwebs.  One event stands out horrifically above al, but here are hideous runners-up.

August 20th, 1612, four women hung simultaneously at  Lancaster Castle in England, as part of the 10 executed as “Pendle Witches.”

June 2, 1850, five Cayuse Indians were simultaneously hanged in Oregon City.

June 1851, four Australians were hanged in San Francisco’s Custom House.

July 7th, 1865- 4 co-conspirators in the Lincoln assassination were hung, including the first woman eer legally executed by the US Federal Government.

2015 – Iran hanging 5 men at the same time  There are pictures.  It’s horrible..

Biggest Mass Hanging I could find, is in U.S. history.  It happened the day after Christmas, December 26, 1862.

Two days after The U.S – Dakota Indian War ended in September of 1862, a military commission put   392 Dakota prisoners on trial.  What was the longest trial for any of the prisoners?

5 minutes.

Of the 392 prisoners, 73 were released, 16 received prison terms, and 303 were sentenced to death. President Lincoln reviewed the trial transcripts, and cut the death sentences to 39 prisoners to be executed.  So on 12/26/62, in front of over 4000 jeering spectators, the 39 were hanged.  All at once. From a specially built gallows.  They were left up there for a half hour.

Especially sad, two prisoners were mistakenly hanged- one whose common name was the same as another prisoner- so when the name was called out, the poor guy stepped forward.  And then the other was a young white man adopted by the tribe at an early age, who was acquitted- and got hanged anyway.

The most massive hanging?  Erwin, Tennessee, 1916.  The trial has come to an end for Mary, and she has been found guilty of murder- even though the man she killed had been beating her with a hook.  A lynch mob came after her, and hung her.  What makes this the most massive hanging, is that Mary was a 5-ton elephant.  




Beware clicking this one- graphic photo:  https://www.middleeasteye.net/opinion/saudi-nimrs-execution-condemnation-and-hypocrisy

J.E. Petersen




Shelby Dollar

How Exactly Did One Become an Executioner in Medieval Times?


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