Podenstein’s Lab 004: Alone Again…Unnaturally, Worm Balls Make for Good Future Tech, and Weird Places for Crawl Spaces


In Episode 4 of the Podenstein’s Lab newscast, Mark L. Groves talks about quarantining alone- and how you may NOT be alone; Shelby Dollar takes us on a nature tour of gross, wriggling worm balls, and how high tech is working on mimicking them; and J.E. wraps up our deep dives with true stories of hidden rooms- and weird treasures- discovered recently inside people’s homes.  Plus the usual Real Headlines that are Real Weird. It’s all the news you can use to freak out your friends, in Podenstein’s Lab!


Archeologists can’t stop giggling at x-rated fossil found under A14


Yes, it’s a stone boner.  A 2000 year old millstone, to be exact, but decorated like it’s a Roman hoohah.

Ohio bar cancels ‘going to prison’ party for woman convicted in gruesome crash


Yeaaaah, so the bar did a fundraiser for the victim’s families.

Solomons police investigate gruesome murder of alleged sorcerer


The killer accused the victim of using sorcery to kill his child and poison his wife.

Bear bites woman’s bottom during bizarre outhouse encounter

She had a case of the grizzles.

Indonesian woman says gust of wind made her pregnant, police begins investigation


Zephyr? I barely know her!



–Mark L. Groves

So this month I celebrate a full year of not working at work.  I’ve been working from home, in my wonderful little basement office-cum-studio, for 12 months now.  I love it. My wife works two floors up, in the kids rooms she converted to her offices after we became empty nesters.

It’s great.  Just us, connecting to others via the world wide web.  With folks in essence if not in person.

According to the New York Post, some folks, working from home, or perhaps quarantined, have discovered they’re connecting to others’ essences. Not in person.  And not with the internet. 

Welcome to being in ‘ronaprison with a ghost.

The Post interviewed a man in Florida, so you know it’s super-weird because it starts with “a man in Florida.”  According to the article, the man said the more he’s stuck in the house, the more he has a “feeling.” He might, because he lives in the same house where in 1933 Victor Licata murder his parents, his 3 other brothers and sisters, and even the family dog. 

            Kurt Schleicher, the dude is making peace with the spirits- all of whom were murdered in their sleep.  Even his dog sits in the bedroom where the mom was murdered, barking at the wall.  The bathroom has cold spots. And Kurt just keeps on working.

The New York Times did an article on an L.A. couple who started off great- baking cookies, hanging out, going on walks.  But one night, the front door doorknob shakes so hard, they heard it across the apartment.  Nope- nobody there.  Then it was a window frame.  And now, they hear footsteps where no human is walking. 

In Indonesia, the popo started punishing quarantine rebels, folks who broke the quarantine rules, by locking them in empty homes that local populace thinks is haunted.

Fox 56 out of Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, interviewed a paranormal group there, whose investigations are on the rise. Like 30 to 40 percent up. 

Slate.com even has an advice column, where a writer talks about a “friend” who believes she’s having sex with a ghost in quarantine. 

Story after story, across the interwebs.

So what’s the dealio?  Well, folks involved in the articles talked about a few of the things that might be behind the sudden increase in the recently deceased.  First off- we notice more things now, because we’re around the house so much more. You haven’t been around the house so long that you hear every creak, or notice when a door doesn’t fit, etc. 

Then there’s the environment outside the house. All that negative tension, leaking into our fuller world view, because of the stress, anxiety, anger, and grief. Is it that we put those qualities onto a window rattling…or do those qualities actually manifest, through their energies, into an exterior entity?

And strangely enough, maybe the passed-on relatives of ours are worried about us, and trying to contact us.

Most fun of all, perhaps, is that maybe the ghosts are manifesting because they’re sick of us being around all damn day and night, and want us to get the hell out.

Now you’re wondering if YOU’RE socially distanced with the socially deceased. Mashable.com to the rescue, with 4 occurrences you should watch for to see if you’re haunted.

First- feel for cold spots. Use a digital thermometer.  Because that could be where the ghost manifests itself.

Second- electronics, cell phones, recorders, ghosts are like my mom.  They hate’m.  Gadgets suck according to ghosts, so if your electrizzle shizzle keeps screwing up, you might have ghosts.

Third- watch your pets.  If they’re doing freaky things- staring at the wall for no reason, barking for no reason, avoiding certain places in your house for no reason, ooooh, it’s for a reason.
            Fourth- you have a sudden feeling of dread.  I’m not talking the usual, oh gawd, what are the politicians gonna do now kind of usual dread. I’m talking sudden, wtf, crap is going to go wrong for I-don’t-know-why bad.

But, don’t worry if you’re batting a thousand on the ghostometer. According to a syfy.com article, Travel Channel’s “Kindred Spirits” show host Adam Berry says “I would encourage people that if they hear something in their house, don’t be afraid. Go look. A ghost is not going to kill you.”

Feel better? Sure you do.  Oh, but he adds this about how a ghost won’t kill you.

“A person will, though. If it’s a person, be careful.”

Thanks, Adam.  I’ll just pay the light bill for keeping them on all night.









Worm Balls Make for Good Future Tech

–Shelby Dollar


Weird Places for Secret Crawl Spaces

–J.E. Petersen