And so, we begin again!

Podenstein’s Lab returns from a self-instituted exile. Starting in 2018, we loved talking about cool, weird things. We loved interviewing people who wrote about/photographed/experienced cool, weird things. From mass-murderers in 1820’s Edinburgh, to cannibal animals, to decorated corpses, to why sex-in-space is not so hot for lift off, we ran the gamut. What fun!

We also didn’t cite a number of our sources, and as podcasts became not just entertainment sources, but income sources, we decided it was better to reboot. And that, we have done!

Now Podenstein’s Lab is a news “magazine” of the world wide weird. Your hosts each have a different flavor they seek in the macabre, and share come together to kibbitz on the kray-kray.

So please- sit back and enjoy All the News You Can Use to Freak Out Your Friends.


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